@TheFashionDailies Talks Silkpeel Dermalinfusion At Lapiel

If you’re anything like us, you find yourself scrolling through instagram wondering how bloggers somehow always have the most perfect skin. Recently, we were lucky enough to meet cool girl extraordinaire Lauren Alison of the blog The Fashion Dailies who recently came in and shared her experience with Silkpeel Dermalinfusion here at Lapiel.  Read her full post to check out her stellar before & afters as well as the contents of her waste jar!


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Check out some of our favorite excerpts and read her fill post HERE



What happens during your  Silkpeel Dermalinfusion?

“Okay so let’s translate this into terms that we can wrap our brains around. This is what really goes down- your aesthetician prepares your skin for the treatment by taking off any makeup and cleansing with a wash that suits your skincare needs. Next, you talk about your desired results from the treatment. For me, I said clearer, more radiant skin. I’d been experiencing some breakouts and texture around my forehead (a place I rarely ever breakout,) so I wanted to get rid of that ASAP.


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“The procedure starts on your neck, where the aesthetician does one layer of treatment. The best way I can describe the feeling is if you imagined the suction tool they use at the dentist, remember that little hose? Imagine that being swiped across your face and neck. It’s totally painless, not uncomfortable or unpleasant at all. If anything it’s a little ticklish! This tiny-but-mighty pen suctions out all the bad stuff stuck deep down in your pores while simultaneously pumping the treatment into your skin. My favorite part of the treatment is the end when you can see your “waste jar” that is holding everything that was sucked out of your pores! I’m not joking, you can see actual blackheads floating around in the water, and it’s absolutely magical. Talk about real-time results!”



“All in all the treatment takes about 25 minutes, so it’s quick, easy, and leaves your skin instantly softer, clearer and calmer. The best part? There is zero downtime! No redness, no puffiness and your skin looks better than it did when you walked in.”


A big Thank You to Lauren for sharing her experience with Silkpeel here at Lapiel! Follow along with her adventure on her Blog and on Instagram @TheFashionDailies–  Where she’ll be sharing more of her favorite beauty secrets as well as an extra special post on her Botox treatment!




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